Music, Arts & Peace Competition

The AME "International Music and Art Competition" aims to create a better intercultural understanding. This competition will promote cross-cultural understanding through the arts, serving as a bridge among nations to promote a mutual respect, and a common path to world peace. It is aimed at young people, who deal with different artistic disciplines, like literature, painting, dance, theatre, special Asian art forms and music. The focus is on music and its connection to the arts.

Musical education experiences a surplus value when music is intercultural, interdisciplinary and multimedia orientated. Young people are to develop respect and tolerance against other cultures in a well-founded discussion with the "stranger". Music education can make a significant contribution to the discussion to compare and perform different styles of music like music from Europe and music of East Asia.

The combination of music with other arts leads to a deepened understanding of culture and enriches the life. In this interaction new knowledge and new experiences arise. This gives young people the sense of culture and appreciation of artistic work.

We invite children and young people to develop new and creative ideas for a performance in the field of music and art and present them at the 1st AME International Music and Art Competition.