We offer special creative music workshops for companies to create a special common experience for their employees on a day or at a weekend.

  • Sound and color:
    "Visible Audible" and "Audible Visible". Images. Colors and forms will stimulate elementary and improvising music. Music leads to creative and imaginative painting techniques.
  • Company- Composing:
    Music knows no boundaries, from the operational environment originate from sounds, forms and experiences templates for new creative music, from experimental sound clichés to a stimulating company song.
  • Body & Percussion:
    It is about fiery rhythms and exuberant joy of life. The result is a musical performance with a lot of movement, dynamics and choreography that can be quickly learned and performed at the end of a workshop. We explore sound-producing possibilities and convert them into wonderful, moving and moving grooves. It can be flipped, pounded, clapped, chipped, tapped, knocked... and not least laughed!
  • Music and language:
    Exciting literary texts are imaginatively transformed into music. Music perception and poetry are complementary to creative and artistically exciting presentations.
  • Crazy Instruments:
    So there is something new, new sounds, new sound colors new musical experiences. That is exactly what we want to bring out. From a piece of wood, an empty beverage box, matches and many everyday items, new instruments are being built with surprising sound possibilities.